Art of Shoes

Impeccable Design

Donald Pliner shoes stem from the unique heritage originally brought to the market in 1989. Our team of experienced designers are dedicated to creating gorgeous, fashion-forward shoes that are equally stunning as they are comfortable.

Design Inspiration

Donald Pliner seasonal collections start with design inspiration drawn from unexpected sources. This unique inspiration flourishes into unconventional designs, superb color schemes and distinctive silhouettes that create a cohesive story for the new season.

Attention To Detail

The Donald Pliner design team spends countless hours on every detail, ensuring each shoe is crafted meticulously. Materials are selected and combined in unexpected ways to surprise and delight. Every stitch, buckle and bead is placed precisely to ensure head-turning looks. Heels and platforms are shaped, covered and created in such a way to guarantee a striking silhouette and walking comfort. Soles are selected for wearability. Every choice is considered, and all products are crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

A Work Of Art

Donald Pliner creations are truly works of art from start to finish. Season after season, there is something special to discover within our breathtaking collections from striking materials to embroidered design and everything in between. We invite you to explore products for men and women, unlock your style and find a unique selection that’s just right for you.