5 Fashion Resolutions to Kick-Start Your New Year

5 Fashion Resolutions to Kick-Start Your New Year

It’s that time of year when everyone starts to set goals and resolutions for themselves to accomplish in the New Year. You could follow the crowd and join a gym or vow to eat healthier, but there are so many other ways to better yourself in 2018.  Start with a few easy-to-accomplish style goals that freshen your wardrobe and get you out of your comfort zone. Because, let’s be honest, we all need a little wardrobe update and what better time to start than the New Year?

While we all want to toss the clothing we haven’t worn in decades and infuse excitement into our wardrobes, these Donald Pliner resolutions go far beyond those traditional ideas. And yes, we still vow to get rid of clothes and bring some life into our ensemble.

Check out our foolproof and achievable resolutions list below for ideas that’ll kick start your year with style.

1. Wear more color. Whether it be a statement jewelry piece or an eye-catching purse, we think color adds an element of intrigue to your everyday attire. Try out the BRIA crossbody bag in multicolored watersnake to enhance your all-black wardrobe.   

2. Get out of your fashion comfort zone. Try a new trend, wear something you’d never wear before or buy that dress you’ve been dying to get. There are thousands of crazy trends coming in 2018, including throwback styles like our REZA pump with a wood block and lucite heel.

3. Take better care of your shoes. Shoes are something we all take for granted. You walk in them everyday, scuff them up and get them dirty without a thought. Go into the New Year with a clean slate and promise to keep your shoe closet spick-and-span.

4. Utilize the essentials in your closet. It’s easy to forget the key pieces we all have come to know and love. It may be the year to try something new, but sort through your closet and infuse the basics back into everyday use. If you need a revamp on basic accessories, try our FRANNI ladies’ belt in distressed velvet.

5. Plan your outfits in advance. Take an extra five to ten minutes every night and decide what you’re wearing the next day. This simple task makes the morning less hectic and gives you time to enjoy your daily dose of caffeine.