All About Dad

All About Dad

This Father’s Day, the Donald Pliner team is giving gratitude to the fathers, grandfathers, uncles and sons in our lives who inspire us daily.

Read below to see the love we have for our biggest supporter, hero and superstar - Dad.


Loving Each Other No Matter What

Growing up, my dad and I didn’t always see eye-to-eye. He likes sports. I like fashion. He likes beer. I like wine. He prefers the The beach. But that hasn’t stopped him from loving and supporting me, because at our cores, our love of family and each other is the same. I am so fortunate to have a dad that loves me and my siblings no matter what.    -Brenden, VP of Marketing & Creative Services



Shopping Buddies

As a little girl, my dad used to take me shopping on the weekends. We would spend hours at the mall trying on clothes, eating lunch and spending time together. Even to this day, he still takes me shopping when I come home to visit - he’s definitely the reason I grew up to be a shopaholic. I will always cherish these special memories with him.                  -Sheridan, Marketing Content Coordinator





My dad loves taking my brother and me on little adventures. A few years ago, we spent Father’s Day at Six Flags just to ride the slingshot. I have so many fun and spontaneous memories with him. The next venture I’m trying to take him on is skydiving in Long Island. -Victoria, Ecommerce Coordinator




The Smartest Guy I Know

My dad taught me the importance of hard work and determination - he can take any idea and run with it. He is the smartest guy I know! -Jenna, Accounts Payable Coordinator-SG&A



To the men who have made us who we are today, thank you! It is your love, guidance and support that empower us to be our best selves. May we follow in your footsteps and be as strong and confident as you’ve taught us to be.

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