Geo-Jungle - SS18 Inspiration

Geo-Jungle - SS18 Inspiration

On August 6, 1991, the World Wide Web became publicly available.

And since then, our lives have never been the same. From answers to any question at your fingertips to live video stories on Facebook and Instagram, the entire world is now accessible to us within a few clicks.

Before this time, designers and fashion icons alike drew inspiration from far away places around the world - traveling to Milan, Paris and beyond. In today’s world, fashion inspiration can be found in the palm of your hand with the internet readily available in seconds.

The SS18 collection is designed with this idea in mind. Blending technology with innovation allowed our design team to create a proprietary print for the season. Our Geo-Jungle pattern is inspired by the idea of tropical influence reimagined through the lens of technology. This unique print can be found on sandals, sneakers and flats on our Geo-Jungle Collection page here.

Welcome to the jungle.