Gingham Style

Gingham Style

If you’ve found yourself wondering what the it pattern of summer is, we’ve got an answer for you: say hello to gingham. This Brigitte Bardot-approved print has been around for more than 500 years, but it has made a major come back in 2018.

From 50s tablecloths and picnic baskets to Dorothy’s iconic blue dress, gingham has evolved from all-American girl-next-door to high fashion runway designs spotted at Fashion Week. Yet, this trendsetting style has a variety of ways to rock it beyond designer fashion.

Although we’ve seen a rise in gingham this spring and summer, the checked style works all year round. It’s vintage without being outdated, simple without being boring, and trendy without being overdone.

Simply put, if you haven’t added gingham to your wardrobe you should consider investing in a checked piece as your new closet staple.

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