Patterns, Prints and Colors This Season

When it comes to mixing prints and patterns, most women think it’s a trend they can’t pull off. Florals with florals? Stripes on stripes? Even, stripes on florals? Don’t let these bold looks scare you! These looks aren’t just for those fashion-forward bloggers, they can work for you too. Your wardrobe is a canvas filled with endless possibilities of mixing and matching. Here are a few of our mix-matching tips to get you started.

Mixing Different Prints

When mixing different prints, try to stick to colors in the same hue. Or, take advantage of complementary colors. For example the TINNA sandal in summer leopard with a cork-covered heel pairs perfectly with this black and white striped top with just a hint of brown on the sleeve. Animal prints are a fun trend and leopard serves as a neutral color (most of the time); so it is easy to pair and wear with other neutrals, like black and white. By spreading out the colors and patterns throughout your outfit, you achieve a more cohesive chic look!

Micro Prints

If bold prints are a little too loud for you, then start out small. Micro prints add a pop to your look without being too daring. The ELLE block heeled sandal in summer snake print is a subtle print and pairs well with this simple white star dress. The white dress allows the pattern to be front and center of the look complemented by the blue hues in the shoe that bring the entire outfit to life. Easing micro prints into your wardrobe won’t make you feel out of place. If you are feeling a little bolder, go with an outfit that has an allover small print for more of a statement.


Floral prints can be hard to pair, so be conscious of how much you match. The ALENA heeled sandal, which features metallic embroidered floral cutouts, provides an elegant pattern to pair with this all over floral print skirt. Add a more basic neutral color top to keep the look sophisticated. Wear your floral attire to brunch or a garden party with friends. The trick here is to keep it simple - this is a trend that can certainly be overdone.

Bold Colors

Bold colors may not be for everyone, but when you wear them you should feel the part! If you choose to go with a fashion color, be sure to include it throughout your outfit. The FELIZ platform sandal in soft metallic snake print (with just a hint of yellow) pairs well with this bright yellow dress. The monochromatic dress brings out the underlying color within the exotic pattern of these ladies’ shoes. Warning: Wearing bright colors may keep you in a sunny disposition all day - so don’t be afraid to add some sass as the weather warms up!

If you’re just starting out with patterns, prints and color, keep it simple. The more basic the print, the easier it is to mix and match with any outfit. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Fashion is fun, and we can all get behind the #ArtOfFun for the spring season. Get inspired by others and be confident in your creative new look!