Shoe Care 101

Shoe Care 101

It's often said that the shoes you wear says a lot about you. You wear pumps and loafers to work, sneakers to the gym, sandals to the beach, and dress shoes for special occasions. Your shoes go everywhere you do. They are scuffed up, thrown around and worn down from the adventures you take them on.

Keeping your favorite shoes in tip-top shape can be the ultimate feat - no pun intended. Each individual style requires special attention and care. Using these eight tips as a general guideline, your shoes will last longer than you could ever imagine.

  1. Protect, protect, protect. Invest in a quality shoe protecting spray that’s designed for each specific material. There are plenty of options available to protect leather, suede, crepe elastic and even canvas.

  2. Rotate your shoes. Wearing the same pair of shoes day after day can cause irreversible damage to the shoe. Give your shoes at least 24 hours to air out the moisture after an all-day wear.

  3. Buy inserts. Maintaining the shape of your shoe is important and each shoe needs different inserts. If you’re reluctant to buying different inserts for each shoe, grab your Sunday paper and stuff the shoe to keep moisture at bay and the shape preserved.  

  4. Clean and condition your leathers. Each individual leather has different needs, but simply cleaning and conditioning your leather shoes keeps a majority of styles in great condition. Refer to our Leather Care Guide for more pro tips.

  5. Hand wash canvas. Avoid the washer at all costs when cleaning canvas shoes. Instead purchase fabric shampoo and use a washcloth with warm water to get stains and scuffs out.

  6. Brush your suedes. The best way to maintain suede is to lightly brush the upper with a sturdy brush. This will remove debris and dirt without ruining the quality of the material.

  7. Erase your mistakes. Having trouble removing scuffs from white rubber soles? Grab the nearest white eraser and those tough marks will be gone in no time.

  8. Replace your inserts. If your shoes have removable inserts, replace them every six to nine months to keep shoes smelling fresh and moisture free.

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