Spring Travel Essentials

Spring Travel Essentials

Spring has finally sprung and it’s time to start planning a relaxing trip to the islands or a quick weekend getaway with friends. Warmer weather means taking a second look around your closet and seeing what needs an update in your vacation wardrobe.

Whether you’re planning ahead for your time-off or jet-setting away last minute, you’ll need to pack the essentials for the ultimate relaxing vacation.

Get started with these must-have styles and packing tips that make spring travel seamless and enjoyable.


Every vacation calls for a special night on the town to show off your trendiest outfit. Bring the best of the best with the WILOW ladies’ sandal in a gorgeous hand beaded design. This leg-lengthening style will have you strutting with confidence from morning till midnight.

Packing Tip: Stuff strappy sandals with socks, underwear, bikinis - anything small enough to fit so they keep their shape




Packing a pair of sandals you can slip-on before breakfast or going to the beach is absolutely essential. The MAUI ladies’ sandal completes your fashionable resort wear with modern minimalism and sleek design.

Packing Tip: Always put shoes on the top of your suitcase to avoid other items - such as toiletries, jewelry or delicates - from being crushed during transit



Always, and we mean always, bring a pair of comfortable shoes that you can walk anywhere and everywhere in. A great choice for this essential is the CECILE ladies’ sneaker in monotone mesh. This lace-up style offers breathable comfort while keeping style in mind.

Packing Tip: The best shoes to wear while traveling are comfortable sneakers - this allows for less bulky luggage and keeps you happy on the plane or in the car



Let’s face it - no one wants to lug around an oversized tote or bucket bag while out and about exploring a new city. It’s imperative to bring a small clutch, like the TASSI in metallic cork, that can hold your phone, wallet and small essentials without the hassle.

Packing Tip: Make sure your handbag or purse has zipper compartments to keep your money, passport and cellphone safe and secure


1. Basic items are practical, not boring. Pack plenty of neutral basics that you can mix and match with other colorful items, like shoes and accessories.

2. Always bring a light coat or jacket - no matter where you’re traveling. You never want to be left in the cold without something warm to layer on top. Even tropical climates tend to drop temperatures at night.

3. Don’t stress about forgetting something. A little shopping never ruined a vacation and you may find something memorable to bring back home.

4. Lastly - have fun and do something spontaneous. The best spots are often found while roaming the streets without an agenda.