To Moms That Inspire

To Moms That Inspire

This Mother’s Day, the Donald Pliner team is showcasing a few stories that give gratitude to the moms, grandmas and mothers-to-be in their lives.

Today is a wonderful celebration of our biggest influence – mom. 

Fit For a Fashionista

“ My grandma was my idol! She was smart, elegant and a real trailblazer for her time. She had an eclectic taste for fashion and I loved running around her house in all the shoes and jewelry I could find in her closet.” Meryl, Marketing Manager

Mom On the Go

“Super mom! My mom was always on the go whether it was taking us to practice or being the loudest one at our games. She is my biggest cheerleader and motivator. Nothing is impossible to her, especially in a comfy pair of shoes she can run around in all day!” -Victoria, E-commerce Coordinator

Mom Off Duty

“My mom and I always spent quality time together shopping. We still spend endless weekends at the mall and my mom knows my style better than anyone. With my own baby girl on the way, our shopping trips are now for her, and my own style has become a lot more about ease and comfort. I can’t wait until all three of us go shopping together!” -Nicole, Associate Buyer

Effortlessly Chic

“One of my favorite things to do in the spring is to explore NYC with my daughter. Some of my favorite memories of growing up in France are the adventures I went on with my mother in Paris. I want to make those same memories for my daughter here in New York, and with the perfect sandal that looks good and feels good I can run around the city all weekend long.” -Maude, Women’s Senior Designer

Do-It-All Moms

“I have many close friends who are moms, and they amaze me every day with their composure and grace. Whether we’re at a wedding or hitting the beach for the day with their kids, I’m always in awe of how effortlessly chic they look, when I know they went to bed at midnight and got up at 4am. Rockstars!” -Brenden, VP of Marketing and Creative Services

Dreams Come True

“My kids know that I’m a shoe-fanatic, particularly over a great pair of heels. In fact, they even know my favorite movie is Wizard of Oz because since I was a kid, I loved Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. I hope I inspire them to live what they love, and follow their dreams, even if it starts with a simple pair of ruby red slippers.” -Sara, VP of Production and Wholesale Account Services

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