Your 2016 Fashion Resolutions

It’s that time of year again when we sit back and reflect on another year that’s come and gone and resolve to make changes for the better. Though we’re all for a little self-improvement, why not make some fashion resolutions while you’re at it? We’ve come up with a few that will actually be fun to keep!


Think—really think—about what you’re buying and whether you actually need it. Will not buying it keep you up at night? Will you wear it enough to justify the cost? If the answers are all yes, then go for it. But limit your purchases throughout the year to those that pass this test. And when you do buy, buy for quality. You’ll end up with a curated wardrobe that’s filled with pieces you really love, such as our KATYA slingback heeled sandal in black or light gray.


You know that leather jacket that still has the tags on it? Make it a point to wear it next week. You’ll either have a new piece to add to your rotation or you’ll know for sure it’s not for you and add it to the giveaway pile. This makes for one less thing cluttering up your closet—and one less thing to flip past while getting dressed in the morning.


Getting your closet space in order can actually help you maximize your style. First, go through and remove out-of-season shoes and relocate them to another part of the house. This way, you’re not digging through boots to get to sandals in the middle of the summer. Next, figure out how many shoe racks you’ll need to accommodate what’s left. Finally, we recommend organizing by color, starting with the lovely coral on our POPPYSP kid suede flats.


Fashion trends can be polarizing—you either love them or you don’t. But trying something you don’t think is “you” can be liberating! Maybe something like Sport Envy is for you?  Or, how about New Romanticism?  Choose a look you’re on the fence about and go for it! Who knows? It may open up a whole new world of style.


Every time you buy a new pair of shoes resolve to give away a pair you haven’t worn in awhile. The result? Your closet stays organized, you’re not wearing styles from 10 years ago and someone less fortunate is getting a cute, gently used pair of shoes. It’s a win-win-win! In fact, you could even clean out your closet first and then go out and buy as many pairs as you donated. We suggest you start with our FIFI patterned fabric platform sandals.

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